SEND in the early help process

Early Help Process

The Early Help Assessment is a way of working with children and young people. It involves

listening to you and your child to find out your child’s needs, and what is working well in your

child’s life. An action plan, agreed with you and your child, is also put in place to make sure

your child gets the right sort of help. The Early Help Assessment is voluntary – you and your

child can choose to be involved.


When is The Early Help Assessment used?

The Early Help Assessment can be used if you or someone who works with your child would

like your child to receive extra support. It will help to identify your child’s additional needs,

and other workers required to support your family.

How does it work?

With agreement a worker will ask you and your child some questions to find out what

help and support your child might need. This information is recorded on a simple form. You

and your child will agree what is put on the form, and you will be given a copy of it.

What happens next?

Based on the information you and your child provide, all those who can help your child will

work together to provide the support your child needs. Only workers who need to know about

your child will share your child’s information.


As a part of the early help process we will hold TAC (Team around the Child) meetings where any professionals involved with the child, school staff and the family will meet to discuss how the child is getting on and to devise an action plan going forward.



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