Please feel free to download our latest Safeguarding and staff code of conduct leaflet about how we can keep all our children safe at our school.

Paper copies of this leaflet are available in school either from the office or on our Safeguarding notice boards in each unit.

Information for Parents and Carers

Full details on the county’s policies, procedures and processes with regard to safeguarding plus analysis of outcomes of serious case reviews can be accessed through the Cumbria LSCB Web Site at

The site also has a parental information zone.

If you ever have any concerns about the safety or well-being of a child then you can ring your concerns through to the County’s 24 hour ‘Safeguarding Hub’ number and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Callers can outline their concerns and the Safeguarding Hub will give advice (consultation) and if necessary undertake an assessment of need.

0333 240 1727

There is now also an adult NSPCC helpline where any concerned adult can seek advice if they are concerned about a child and would like advice on whether to make a referral.

0808 800 5000

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is on the increase and causes terrible harm to victims and the associated children.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure it is eradicated.

When children are witnesses to the incidents or the aftermath then it can seriously harm their mental well-being, indeed statistics show 3,081 children in Cumbria witnessed reported domestic violence last year.

This is even more shocking when research shows that incidents happen 35 times before the issue is reported to Police.

This is not acceptable, there should be no incidents and if it does occur it should be reported immediately, the school will support families with this.

Cumbria LSCB

The Cumbria LSCB website contains all up to date information with regard to safeguarding and, in addition to the wealth of information, there is a dedicated ‘Parent/Carer’ zone full of information if there are concerns about a child.


Channel provides support across the country to those who may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism. The overall aim of the programme is early intervention and diverting people away from the risk they may face.  Channel uses existing collaboration between partners to support individuals and protect them from being drawn into terrorism. Take a moment to watch the introductory video to Channel below.


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