In education and society today children are using the internet all of the time. They may go online to play games, research information or even take part in social media. Every time they go online they are sadly at risk of being contacted by adults who we would rather they didn’t know. Going online is not safe and you need to take care to secure your internet connection at home.

In school we have special filters on all our computers so children can’t accidentally come across images or messages that are not appropriate for children. At home your computer will have no filters unless you as parents have set them.

We think you should consider doing the following things;


The NSPCC has a fantastic video for young children about keeping their private areas safe. This coincides with our Kidsafe program really well.


Lancashire Grid

Lancashire Grid for Learning has put together a plethora of resources for you to help your child remain safe online.

If you want further information, here is the link

Parent Info

Parent Info is a free service for schools.

Here you’ll find a collection of articles, tips, expert advice and resources designed to help parents keep up with what their children are doing on-line.

Parent Info is a collaboration between Parent Zone, which has been providing information and support to parents for a decade, and CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command of the National Crime Agency.

Internet Matters

Keeping up to date with what your children are doing online can seem daunting. Technology is constantly advancing and sometimes parents feel that their children know more about the internet than they do.

Whatever their age, we can help you to find out more about what they might be doing online and give you some simple, practical and easy advice on the steps you can take as a parent to keep them as safe as possible.

Social Media

Please click on the social media logos to find out how they can help connect your child safely on the internet.

Snapchat – A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat and Snapmaps here

Instagram – A Connect Safely guide to Instagram for parents here

Facebook – A guide for parents can be found here


Cumbria Local Safeguarding Hub

Lots of information to help you protect your child can be found on this Cumbrian website.


Useful Resources

Please find below a range of excellent resources that can be used to make young people aware of potential issues that could affect their safety.

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