Chestnut and Maple – Year 1

Chestnut and Maple are the names of our Year 1 classes.






Miss Jones is the teacher in the Chestnut Tree class and Miss Nelson and Mrs Henderson are the teaching assistants.

In the Maple Tree class, Miss Higham and Miss Winthorpe are the teachers and Mrs Sharpe and Miss Milligan are the teaching assistants.

Mrs Charlwood also teaches both Maple and Chestnut classes.  Mrs Armstrong is a teaching assistant for both Year 1 classes.

Mrs Rimmer and Miss Broadbent are our midday supervisors.

Maple have PE on a Monday and a Wednesday.  Chestnut have PE on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.  Please make sure your child has their name in their PE kit and it is brought in every week.

Forest School sessions are on a Wednesday for both classes.  Please can you make sure your child has named wellies in school every week.  Wellies can be left in school just outside the Year 1 door.  They also need waterproof trousers as well as their coat.



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