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All parents want their children to grow up to be good people and responsible citizens. Just as children must be taught to tie their shoes, read and write, and solve maths problems, so too must they be guided to develop qualities of character that are valued by their families and the communities in which they live.

The benefits of encouraging children’s positive character development are enormous. Research has shown that children who grow up with strong, positive values are happier and perform better in school.  They also are better able to balance their personal wants and needs against those of others and make positive contributions to society.

Throughout the year pupils are nominated by their peers and members of staff to receive an award for being an outstanding citizen at our school.  Pupils are then selected to receive an award from Mrs Field, the headteacher, at a special assembly. Parents and family members are invited to join in the celebrations of this award.

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Each term there is a focus in school on the different criteria of being a good citizen at Ashfield Infant and Nursery School.

When it has been noticed that the children have been, for example, kind and caring, Golden Tickets are awarded.  Towards the end of the term the tickets are counted and the two children in each year group with the most tickets are awarded a prize of a voucher to spend at a local cafe in Workington.

In conjunction with the Keep Britain Tidy campaign Ashfield Infant and Nursery School has been picking up litter from around our school for many years.

Each term every class goes out with their grabbers and Keep Britain Tidy vests and rummages around to collect the rubbish that makes our area seem unsightly.

We collected and dispose of all kinds of rubbish from crisp packets to cigarette ends.

Our dream is to have our classes go out and find no rubbish at all around our school.  Please help us by not dropping litter on your way to and from school.

Friday Assemblies are a time to celebrate the marvellous work pupils at Ashfield Infants and Nursery School are doing.

To celebrate good work throughout the school, each week teachers choose one pupil who they feel has worked particularly hard and they become the Star Pupil.  Teaching staff will then also choose one pupil for the Good to be Green award; this pupil is someone who has generally been a good citizen throughout the week.  The chosen children come to the front of the school so we can all share in their celebration.  The children are given a Golden Jumper to wear for a week.  Pupils are also then given certain privileges such as lining up first for dinner or choosing the book for story time.  In addition to this, pupils are given stickers and certificates as a record of their achievement.

These special assemblies are every Friday apart from when we have Class Assemblies or Citizenship Assemblies.

At Ashfield Infant and Nursery School we have links with the Crakehall School in Mettupalayam, India.

We have termly lessons and also write letters and emails to keep in touch so our children can build a friendship with the Indian children.

We also do lots of fund raising to support the Indian children which is well supported by our parents and carers.  Last year we were delighted to use some of the money to buy Rajeshwari, a little girl born deaf, with a new hearing aid and continue to pay her fees, supporting her in a school for the deaf.  With help from our school she is now thriving. She has been taught to lip read and is now confidently speaking.  Now that she is able to communicate it has been discovered that Rajeshwari is a clever little girl.  It is hoped that eventually she will be able to attend the specialist teacher’s training school. It is thanks to the support from Ashfield Infant and Nursery School that this little girl’s life has been transformed and that she now has a bright future to look forward to.  This year we would like to help her family as they suffered dreadfully in the recent floods. Rajeshwari has had Typhoid fever and as we are very worried about her health we will be fundraising for her this term.

We also provided every child who attends the school with a toothbrush, toothpaste and lessons on how to clean their teeth, as this was something very new to them.  This project has been a huge success and the incidence of tooth decay and gum disease has already reduced dramatically.

Every penny we raise goes to the school.  It costs 5p a day for a meal.  £28 per month for teacher’s wages.  School uniforms are bought once per year at a cost of £2:00 per child.  50p buys a cup and plate for the school dinners.  To buy eggs for the whole school costs £3.  For 20p we can buy a kilogram of carrots, which are given to the children once per week as they provide essential nutrients.  Carrots do help your eyes and skin. The carrot program is essential and really has reduced eye disease.  For children to transfer to the secondary school it costs £5 for a bag, uniform books etc.  Obviously without these essentials a child would not be able to continue with their education-it’s as simple as that.

So every penny we raise will go a long way. Find out more here

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